When I do not know who I am, I serve You and when I do know who I am, You and I are One.
— Hanuman to Ram, Tulsidas Ramayana
"The beautiful and unexpected way in which this self-exploration has permanently changed my life and the way I experience reality, is a gift that I believe is everyone’s birthright. I have awakened to absolute reality, and am also always evolving. I offer what I do because it has helped me and changed my life and I know that it can help everyone."  - Alec Story

"The beautiful and unexpected way in which this self-exploration has permanently changed my life and the way I experience reality, is a gift that I believe is everyone’s birthright. I have awakened to absolute reality, and am also always evolving. I offer what I do because it has helped me and changed my life and I know that it can help everyone."  - Alec Story

Alec Story teaches meditation and mindfulness based approaches to people looking to find their own inner peace, and the true nature of this experience called life. He has been practicing and studying Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism since he was 19. 

Through The Self-Awareness Course, Past-Life Readings, Webcasts, Workshops, Blogging, Talks, and Coaching, it is his desire to see the truth unfold and blossom in each of us. 

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.
— Dalai Lama

Indeed, with the proper context and support, meditation could eradicate violence from the world, as well as the ignorance of how we affect ourselves and others with our thoughts, words, and emotions.

It is very exciting for me to consider that the world as I have learned it, is just now coming to a point where people are talking about enlightenment and spiritual awakening by the hundreds of thousands. I think we are at a turning point where we will, on a large scale, begin to understand that we are living in the very heaven we have reserved for the "next life."

You know a lot of people preach or claim that they are intuitive, psychic, and spiritual. But none of them ever have responded or even showed me any of what they so call know or practice. Alec has truly amazed me with his insight and generosity. I believe him and he inspires me. Thank You.
— Courtney

Welcome to AlecStory.com

Perhaps you have arrived at this website looking for something... more. Perhaps you are just consciously getting started on your path, or you have been around the block with practices, teachers, courses, etc. Right Now, you are Here, reading these words. Consider that this is a potential opportunity for you to shiftto deepen in your own personal, conscious evolution.

Ask yourself, "am I truly wanting to wake up this life?"

The eternal Now moment is the ground, but your attention, your conscious evolution, is your choice. It isn't a matter of if you will wake up, but when. Life is filled with opportunities, many in a single minute, to postpone your inevitable awakening. You've lived many lives, and truly are eternal, but this life can be the one in which you really wake up, eternally. Most people go through life with blinders on, still afraid (of their own shadow), and have no idea why there is so much suffering in themselves, and in the world. It must be "them" that is the source of my frustrations. The world seems to be happening to them. After you awaken you know whole-heartedly that it's never about "them," as there is no "other." It's always your creation as you are always creating your reality. Imagine knowing you are eternal, consciously creating whatever adventures and situations you desire. Imagine knowing you cannot fail. Imagine knowing completely the reason you're alive and feeling that you are the source of all love, joy, and beauty.

Awakening is unity with love, beauty, and power, and the end of fear and doubt.

You and I are One. Understanding what I do, experiencing reality the way I do, I would be denying evolution to not offer everything I know to all who seek it. Teaching is part of my path, just as with anyone who awakens. We all graduate from student to teacher, though we never stop learning. Your destiny is to awaken, to see in me, Yourself. If reading these words, a curiosity has been ignited, understand that this curiosity, this flame, is your inner fire ready to be ignited.

Tools of expanded consciousness

Through the Self-Awareness Course, Past-Life readings, webcasts, workshops, coaching, and writing, I am dedicated to serving the whole of consciousness, because I truly know and experience every being as a part of Me. In serving others I am truly serving my Self. 

The Self-Awareness Course draws together only that which will serve you to awaken in an efficient and direct way. The course is a succinct yet complete awakening plan. Drawing from the heart of several major spiritual traditions, modern psychologies of emotion and mind, and personal experience along with the specific questions and blocks that arise for others, the course is a path unto itself. 

If you commit to embodying and knowing the information presented in the course, you will Awaken. It is up to you to make your awakening of paramount importance, but if you do, you will awaken. I don't offer fluff. because my purpose is to cut to the core of our limitations in understanding. I want, unconditionally, for us to wake up to the truth of who we are. 

Past-Life Readings aid you to cut through the noise of your conscious mind in order to get at the heart of your unconscious so you can experience the depth and truth of reality more acutely. Our unconscious is a direct barrier to expanded consciousness, in heart and mind. To understand precisely what it is your Soul is working with at this moment in this incarnation gives you the ability to choose to face it and deepen in your Awareness. 

Webcasts offered are on subjects like Past-Lives, Reincarnation, and Karma, Radiant Love, Manifestation, Developing Intuition, Immortality, and much more. These webcasts are designed to give you an expanded view of Being and to give you tools for your own awakening. There is a lot of information delivered in each webcast, Q&A, and ultimately these webcasts will hopefully inspire you to commit to your personal evolution.

Coaching with me is like having a 1-on-1 spiritual development trainer. You have direct access to ask any questions or address any concerns or difficulties you may be facing. I will work with you to help you perceive yourself and your circumstances with more clarity and ease. Sessions might include mindfulness practice, counseling and therapeutic inquiry, intuitive interpretations of how you feel about yourself and circumstances in your life, and suggestions of ways to approach those circumstances moving forward (homework). My commitment to you is to ensure you deepen in your own inherent power, peace, and vitality.

If you are looking for the absolute truth, for the core of what all the traditions are built upon, look no further. It is You.

Are you ready for a clear and focused path to your awakening?
Are you ready to go deeper, to embrace your evolution consciously and skillfully?

Then Let It Begin!


I am you, and you are me. You have created the very reality within which you have fallen asleep. It’s all for you, by you. You are every person and every plant, insect, animal. You create them all. You are them all. You are the Most Powerful thing in the Universe. There is only You, and there is only Now, forever.
— Alec Story

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